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As noted, my current coding project is a mutli-gallery management tool called Metapix. Its primary goal is to help creative members of the furry fandom upload their work to multiple sites.

Part of developing software is identifying requirements - and one key requirement is which sites it needs to support in order to be useful. The fewer plugins I have to develop, the more time I can spend on each, and on the rest of the program.

To this end, I asked 101 dealers and artists at Further Confusion 2011 what sites they use to host their work, what sites they might use if it were easier (including inactive accounts), and what other sites they used to tell people about their work. The results might surprise you . . .

They're also quite fortunate for me - it looks like I could launch with 6-7 gallery plugins and a couple of notification plugins and satisfy the vast majority of users. Even four plugins would be enough for an alpha version.

Response to the basic concept was extremely positive. Almost all artists had more than one gallery, and most were irritated by having to repeat the process of posting work and journals in multiple locations. Many liked the idea of a global message center, and some wanted notifications on events like notes/messages and sometimes shouts/comments - though generally not watches or +favs.
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Snarkclaw Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is quite interesting stuff! And I find your coding project interesting, too, since I have been looking for browser plug-ins that can handle posting to multiple galleries. There seem to be such for posting to multiple blog services right now, but nothing for multiple galleries.
greenreaper Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It is definitely a "market opportunity", so to speak. (Even if I'm not looking at this as something to make money with; I suspect most artists would find it hard to justify paying.)
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